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Weekend pottery workshop

Weekend pottery workshop with Martina Dielen

3-4 August or 10-11 August

Have you ever wanted to experience what it is like to sit behind the potter's wheel learn to turn with clay?

This is possible in this weekend pottery workshop, with some simple basic techniques you can learn how to create a bowl on the potter's wheel.

Are you already more advanced and do you want deepen your skills and work on a project of your own, this is also possible.

It is also possible to work with a clay roller and create a piece of work from slabs of clay.

Young or old, everyone can learn how to work with clay.

You are more than welcome!
The workshop starts at 10:00 hrs and finishes at 16:00 hrs. Places are available in the weekend of 3/4 August and in the weekend of 10/11 August.

Costs of the weekend workshop is € 180 per person excluding lunch, including clay (10kg), biscuit fire, coffee and tea.

Location: Fort aan de Drecht, Grevelingen 56, Uithoorn, Netherlands

For more information. please contact Martina Dielen on